Social Responsibility

EM-Between is passionate about the Public Relations work that we do for our clients but we also believe in giving back to the community. We offer our support to the Robin Hood Foundation, The Sunflower Fund, the Open Door Crisis Care Centre and the CHOC Cows.

Robin Hood Foundation The Robin Hood Foundation focuses on collecting resources from people that have and distributing these to people who don’t
The Sunflower Fund The Sunflower Fund helps to build and sustain a bone marrow registry to help people with Leukemia and other life-threatening blood
The Open Door Crisis Care Centre Open Door Crisis Care Centre are a crisis centre who offer support groups, social services and
The COWS are a fundraising arm of CHOC (Childhood Haematology Oncology Clinics) and partake in various sporting events to raise awareness and funds for the little superheroes that are fighting the big C in many forms. All funds raised are directed to the various CHOC Houses and Paediatric Oncology Units which play a key role in providing care for children diagnosed with cancer across South Africa.